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We see things differently and we craft our works with love.

Since 1997, we push the limits of supply chain management industry. We provide thousands of products for customers who are focused on finding the best purchasing and export&import solutions. We’re ALFURSAN, a unique export & import and manufacturer company offering tailor-made services to companies and individuals who wish to amplify their brands and trading potential.

About Our Operations
We work with 35 countries and we’re in 5 countries with our operation offices and warehouses. We operate every step of our businesses with our own teams such as quality control, orders/production running, packaging of products, shipments, customs processes in both involved exporting and importing countries. We take the responsibility and track all of our works from the beginning until products delivered to receivers’ warehouses.


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We see things differently
The business world is continually changing and evolving in very different fields but only honesty remains at the heart of how people work. We craft our works with love, care and passion that enable our business partners and consumers to engage with outcomes on a higher satisfaction.

We’re united by the love of our works. We’re hard working and strong spirited, we sweat even for the small stuffs to help you drive your business forward.

About Our Sustainability

We work hard to leave a lasting, positive legacy everywhere we work and we’re very happy and satisfied with the outcomes.

We aim to deliver superior returns to our clients/business partners and humanity while we’re exporting and producing materials for essential human needs and benefits. And every day we aim to be meeting our products to wider society.

Our Customer Services
We are dedicated to support our customers, and pride ourselves on high levels of our customer services. We’re fully committed to making sure that their products conform of their order specifications and their goods arrive safely. Such as we take their repeat orders and manage the whole processes and export of their needed products on time.

We support you at all stages of your works, such as from the ordering to delivery process, you can rest assured that help is at hand if needed. We have an extensive experience in manufacturing, customs and delivery in variety of sectors. Do you want to learn firsthand the necessary ingredients for your business to stand-out? We aim you to leverage from our experience to help you and strengthen your business.

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Küçükbahçe Sokak Tecim İş Hanı No:11 Şişli/İstanbul/Turkey
0090-212 246 44 32 (Fax)
Küçükbahçe Sokak Tecim İş Hanı No:11 Şişli/İstanbul/Turkey
0090-212 246 44 32 (Fax)

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