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We are wholesaler dealer and exporter of specific textile and apparel brands. Also, we’re sub-contracting private label production service provider who specializes in producing and exporting high quality of textile and apparel products to global markets with full range of products and supply chain services.

We are proud of Made in Turkey textile quality. And we believe that due to quality, no single country has emerged to become the “Next Turkey.” Turkey has integrated and diversified production in all sub-sectors of the textile industry by producing and exporting all types of yarns, fabrics, clothing, household textiles, many ready­made textile products and technical textiles.

Turkish textile and clothing industry has a significant role in world trade with the capability to meet high standards and can compete in international markets in terms of high quality and a broad range of products. Turkish apparel and home textile manufacturers are quite strong in terms of manufacturing and distribution both in the domestic and export markets.

Turkey is one of the world’s biggest textile & apparel manufacturing countries and 6th largest supplier in the world, 3rd largest supplier of EU and one of the top four home textile manufacturers in the world.

Some of the products that we export as listed below:

• Women-Men-Children Apparel
• Outer Wear, Underwear
• Women Cocktail Dresses
• Bridal Dresses
• Men’s Suits
• Groom Suits
• Leather Apparel
• Fur Apparel
• Hijabi Fashion Clothes
• Plus Size Ladies & Men Clothes
• Pregnancy Clothes
• Shoes
• Belts
• Bags
• Textile Accessories
• Worker Costumes
• Worker Shoes
• Home Textile
• And more on demand

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Together we have an extensive experience in textile and manufacturing. Do you want to learn firsthand the necessary ingredients for your business to stand-out? We aim you to leverage from our experience to help you and strengthen your business.

Take advantage of our wide range of products and services, with our help and knowledge, let us provide you tailor-made services to your very own processes and other needs.

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Küçükbahçe Sokak Tecim İş Hanı No:11 Şişli/İstanbul/Turkey
0090-212 246 44 32 (Fax)
Küçükbahçe Sokak Tecim İş Hanı No:11 Şişli/İstanbul/Turkey
0090-212 246 44 32 (Fax)

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