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While the world seems a lot smaller than it is, the hassles of dealing with paperwork, permits, rules and regulations are bigger than ever before. And that’s where our expertise comes in. We not only take on the task of helping you reduce paperwork, but we also help you cut costs and prevent any delays when you’re importing your goods. We provide thousands of variety of products and deliver value to our customers in the industries. All you need to do is sit back and wait for your products to come in.

See how we can help you:

Sourcing Services:

  • According to your demands, identifying and qualifying suppliers, we check them on their locations, see their facilities and works flow,
  • Overseeing the production of merchandise on all vendor production locations,
  • Helping you in comprehensive material and product development technical assistance,
  • Coordinating sample approvals, laboratory testing, certifications and raw materials supplying,
  • Supplying your goods to our warehouses and checking them one by one,
  • Packing the goods to be ready to be delivered to you in healthy terms,
  • Operating shipments and all customs services by our own teams,
  • Tracking your goods until it arrives to your warehouse and place on your stores,
  • Supporting you for your repeat orders and send you the goods that you need on time,
  • Following the trends and provide you new collections to create winning products that really sells regardless if you are selling in your own retail store, direct to wholesalers, direct to consumers, in person, on your website or online platform.
  • Taking weekly feedbacks from you about your sales flow. Before your products run out of your stores, we already deliver new arrival products to your warehouses.

Efficient Customs Clearance:

Traders face wide range of challenges for customs processes and releasing their goods on customs borders.

Documentation of goods for customs processes severely impact trade and customs flow and procedures. Preparing for this should include an experienced company and brokers with extensive day-to-day customs operations.

Since 1997 we operate all stages of our customs processes with our own teams, we prepare all the customs documentation in our operation offices and track all the processes on-site.

We assist you with all inbound and outbound customs processes declaration services with all stages.

We are uniquely positioned to provide you with the needed expertise, insights and services to streamline and add value to your customs procedures.

With our services you can reap the benefit of correct customs value, duties and VAT.


More specifically, we can assist you with:

  • Simplified handling of exports and imports,
  • Quality-approved exportation and importation
  • Correct classification of goods,
  • Duty and VAT calculation,
  • Smooth handling of declaration documentations,
  • Managing contact with customs authorities in the involved countries,
  • Providing on-site support and document courier service at major ports and border crossings,

Our export and customs services portfolio covers all areas of trade and customs management, giving you a single contact and source for trade and customs solutions.


We also assist you with Transits for both EU and non-EU goods.

Simplify moving your goods across and between borders.
When your supply chain covers several countries or customs unions, through our long history of customs experience we assist you with Transit Customs Declarations and Operations,

  • We assist you to avoid unnecessary payments of customs duties and VAT.
  • We provide an efficient, unbroken logistics chain.
  • We eliminate the risk of penalties and fees for you.

We offer you a single point of access and simplified procedures.


Efficient Delivery:

Processing tens of shipments every week has enabled us to form strong relationships with the leading freight forwarding companies (air, sea, and land transportation) in Turkey and in the countries we work with for years. Furthermore, we are the ideal company to release your imported goods delivered to your customs location or delivered to your warehouse location as quickly as possible.


Is there anything else we can help you with?

We are here to help you to ensure your business goals are crystal clear and easy to understand. Each of our customers have unique sourcing needs. We tailor our sourcing services to your individual requirements.



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Küçükbahçe Sokak Tecim İş Hanı No:11 Şişli/İstanbul/Turkey
0090-212 246 44 32 (Fax)
Küçükbahçe Sokak Tecim İş Hanı No:11 Şişli/İstanbul/Turkey
0090-212 246 44 32 (Fax)

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