Textile & Apparel Supply Chain Management

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We know your global sourcing needs based on your country’s lifestyle preferences and we take action for you to be succeed in your markets and world’s markets.
Whether you’re retailer or wholesaler, we know the needs and what’s running in fashion industry.

Finding best quality collections, checking orders running, supplying, delivery and customs issues create constant challenge for the textiles and clothes industries.
And if the entire chain often spread across several countries, it’s also a challenge that is crucial to your business.

We’re experienced in handling and resolving any kind of demands for our textiles customers, accurately, quickly and cost-effectively.
Take advantage of our market knowledge and supply chain solutions.

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We give you on-site services; we manage your supply chain even in the most remote locations to ensure that it arrives as ordered and on time.

Our Supply Chain Services:

• Identifying and qualifying suppliers, we check them on their locations, see their facilities and work flow,
• Overseeing the production of merchandise on all vendor production locations,
• Helping you in comprehensive material and product development technical assistance,
• Coordinating sample approvals, laboratory testing, certifications and raw materials supplying,
• Supplying your goods to our warehouses and checking them one by one,
• Packing the goods to be ready to be delivered to you in healthy terms,
• Operating shipments and all customs services by our own teams,
• Tracking your goods until it arrives to your warehouse and place on your stores,
• Supporting you for your repeat orders and send you the goods that you need on time,
• Following the trends and provide you new collections to create winning products that really sells regardless if you are selling in your own retail store, direct to wholesalers, direct to consumers, in person, on your website or online platform.
• Taking weekly feedbacks from you about your sales flow. Before your products run out of your stores, we already deliver new arrival products to your warehouses.

We rigorously manage your supply chain and provide you sustainable business flow.

Do you require any other service we may provide you with?

Each of our customers have unique sourcing needs.
We tailor our sourcing services to your individual requirements.

Take advantage of our wide range of services and, with our help and knowledge, let us provide you tailor-made services to your very own processes and other needs.



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Küçükbahçe Sokak Tecim İş Hanı No:11 Şişli/İstanbul/Turkey
0090-212 246 44 32 (Fax)
Küçükbahçe Sokak Tecim İş Hanı No:11 Şişli/İstanbul/Turkey
0090-212 246 44 32 (Fax)

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